What are Personal AI Assistants

Democracy: The Foundation of All Free Ocracies What are personal AI assistants? AI personal assistants, you know that thing that answers your questions and assists with minor tasks whenever you say ‘Alexa’, ‘Hey Google’, or ‘Siri’. They’ve integrated into our daily lives, and for the most part, wouldn’t want to get rid of them. Personal […]

Democracy: The Foundation of all Free Ocracies

Democracy: The Foundation of All Free Ocracies Democracy: the freest form of government Freedom is the state of being free from restraints, especially from those imposed by an authoritative power. Democracy is the freest form of government because it allows for the greatest degree of individual freedom while still providing for a measure of order […]

Reimagining Government Programs

Reimagining Government Programs The Trouble with Government Programs If you go out on the street and ask people what they think of their government, you will likely receive more complaints than compliments. A major complaint going around about democracy is that the government, the Federal government in particular, needs to do more to help its […]

The Three Types of Immutable Contracts

What are the Three Types of Immutable Contract? What are Immutable Contracts? Immutable contracts are important for holding a binding agreement between parties. An immutable contract is one that cannot be changed after it has been created. This type of contract is often used in cases where there is a need for a contract to […]