We believe in a future where society is democratized, open, and secure.

Our Mission

Deocracy is founded on the principle that government must provide representation for its citizens with liability that it is done so appropriately. A democracy is not the senate, congress, parliament, or any law-making body, it is you, it is the people.

Democracy is as decentralized as its population. This inherent decentralization has always required a level of technology to allow the people to have a voice. As populations grow, and societies expand, democracy must continuously adopt new technologies to ensure the people maintain their voice.

We believe that a strong democracy has an understandable line of influence between its citizens and policy implementation. Therefore, we are empowering you with knowledge of technology that exists that can be implemented to give you the best line of communication to your representatives. We also research into emerging technologies to find better ways to empower clear lines of communication between citizens and lawmakers.

Our Work

To transform society’s governance so profoundly, we marvel at how we managed without it.
This must be our inevitability as democracy matures or we face stagnation.

In order to empower the communication between citizens and lawmakers, we approach this from three angles.


Deocracy is constantly looking into brand new and emerging technologies to discover what can be useful, or not. There are countless possibilities, and we are discovering what they are and how they can work every day.


Discovery and implementation are two very different, and important, aspects of what Deocracy does. Through our projects we discover the viability of technologies we find in our research.

News & Education

Research and projects are great, but not very useful if no one knows about them! That is why we are dedicated to bringing you the most relevant news in this field. When you are informed you are empowered.

Deocracy Foundation

Deocracy Foundation is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit located in Vermont, USA.

EIN: 84-2056552

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We believe in a future where society is democratized, open and secure.

Deocracy Institute is a {charitable nonprofit 501c3} that seeks to bring democracy to sectors of society that have not yet been reached, known as decentralization. We explore new technologies and collaborate on projects to create opportunities for everyone. Publishing news about these emerging technologies allows you to stay informed about what matters most in order to transform society’s governance so profoundly, we marvel at how we managed without it.