Reimagining Government Programs The Trouble with Government Programs If you go out on the street and ask people what they think of their government, you will likely receive more complaints than compliments. A major complaint going around about democracy is that the government, the Federal government in particular, needs to


Discussing Viability


Under Development

Administrator AI

NewsBuddy AI

Status: Brainstorming
Type: App
Started: TBD


Made to not replace, but assist as a:

  • Politician
  • Administrator
  • Personal Assistant
  • Social Worker
  • HR Manager
  • Pre-councilor

The only way this will be able to be realistically built out and implemented is through a non-profit foundation.

Status: Archived

Type: Research Paper

Started: May 2020

Ended: June 2020

Contributors: 2

Project Celestial Computing was for the purpose of defining a new type of computing paradigm. It uses all forms of computing to operate in the cheapest and most efficient way. Its most distinctive characteristics are that it runs on Smart Contracts, uses the strengths of both blockchain and traditional computing methods, heavily relies on Virtual Machines, and uses any form of data storage for maximum efficiency.

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